Round Square

Round Square: Preparing young people for life through service, challenge, adventure and international understanding.

Scotch College is a Regional Member of the Round Square network of over 100 schools around the world that share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility, service, challenge, adventure, and international understanding.

Scotch College has long sought to encourage boys to experience a broad offering of co-curricular activities. Round Square offers a structure for the organization and promotion of activities within the IDEALS framework of Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

International Understanding

Scotch applies International Baccalaureate Organisation programmes throughout the school and boys are taught subjects within a global context. Boys are encouraged to engage with the world by joining international trips venturing to different parts of the world for sport, languages and academic extension and conferences. Service projects to India, Cambodia and Tanzania and elsewhere provide further expressions of Internationalism and global citizenship.


Teaching students both the values of democracy and the importance of active participation in democracy is essential to Round Square schools. The Student Council and Round Square Committees in Senior and Middle Schools provide opportunities for boys to comment on various school matters and take action on a range of issues.

Environmental Awareness

Students are taught the importance of tending to the future of the planet through active Stewardship. Boys at Scotch have opportunities to action on local, national or international environmental projects such as rejuvenating a local wetland and planting trees on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro.


From Year 3, Scotch boys undergo an extensive programme of outdoor education camps and other Action experiences. Many of the camps are based at Moray, the school's Outdoor Education centre on a rural property in Dwellingup, south of Perth. Senior students can venture further afield on Expedition-style trips to various parts of the state and overseas to places as diverse as New Zealand and Tanzania.


Scotch College encourages Servant Leadership whereby boys serve to create a stronger and more just community. Opportunities for student leadership in the school's community exist at all year levels and through many class and co-curricular activities.


Boys at Scotch learn about service in the Primary Years where they are encouraged to take action on issues within their sphere of contacts and interests. Through Middle School and Senior School, boys are increasingly exposed to the role of local service agencies working to support disaffected and disadvantaged groups in our society. Senior boys have the opportunity to take part in additional service projects in remote Australia as well as overseas to Cambodia, India and Tanzania.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award encourages achievement across a broad range of activities. Scotch promotes the Award on an optional basis and boys over 14 years of age are provided with staff assistance to access the programme and work through the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

For more information on the Round Square organization and the philosophy of Kurt Hahn that underpins the IDEALS, please visit:


Australasian and East Asian Region April 2016 conference for students aged 12-14 years.

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