Sport is a vital part of school life at Scotch and all students participate throughout the year.

The School's ethos is to provide an opportunity for every boy to participate in sport, no matter what their skill level.

Sport is a valuable component of the programme at Scotch College. The School recognises the need for every boy to participate in sport and places a strong emphasis on participation rather than performance. Participation is crucial to a student's development. All boys have access to the School's renowned sports playing fields and recreational facilities.

In addition to the Physical Education programme the boys from Years 5 to Year 12 choose a seasonal sport. There are a great range of sports to choose from including Basketball, Cricket, Rowing, Swimming, Water Polo, Volleyball, Tennis, Sailing, Physical Theatre, Strength & Conditioning, Badminton, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer. Mod-Cross (modified lacrosse) or Flipper-Ball (a form of Water Polo) are also offered in the younger years.

All boys participate in Swimming, Cross-country and Athletics and take part in Inter-House and Inter-School competitions throughout the year.