Pipe Band

In 1947, the then Headmaster of Scotch College, Dr Maxwell keys, commented that:

"The school at which I was very interested in Christchurch, St Andrews College, had a wonderful pipe band. I was amazed to find that Scotch didn't have a pipe band so in my very first year I set about raising funds for this and in the second year had it operating."

As they say in the classics, the rest is history. Dr Keys forged ahead and established the College's first pipe band. Since this time, Scotch College has seen its pipe band grow and develop into one of the most respected school based pipe bands in Australasia and the world. It has performed at numerous military tattoos across the globe.

In 2015, the Scotch pipe band embarked on its inaugural performance at the Royal Military International Tattoo (RMIT). Click here to watch reflections of our debut at the RMIT.

In 2013, the Headmaster of Scotch College, Dr Alec O'Connell, provided seed funding for the establishment of a second pipe band which was to be based in the middle school. Across the senior and middle schools, there are now some 90 students involved in the College's pipe band programme.

The pipe band is now a significant part of the College and wider community, locally, nationally and globally.


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