Meet our 2024 leaders

We're delighted to introduce our school captains, David, Angus, Max and Rhama, who will take on their roles from Term 4, 2023. Over the next year, they will play an essential role in leading their peers, representing the College's values and amplifying student voices. Meet our new captains as they share their school journey and what they hope to achieve as leaders.

David Walton
Captain of School

I began my Scotch College journey halfway through Year 2 after a placement became available. I was nervous at first like most boys joining new schools, but I quickly made friends, which put me at ease. Even as early as Year 2, it was clear how welcoming the Scotch community was towards my family and me.

While our Captain of School is responsible for leading our students, they must rely upon others to promote the College's values. How can our Year 12 students be good leaders?

The beauty of Scotch College is in the fact that you do not need a badge or a title to be a leader. The striped blazer, which all Year 12 students wear with pride, has become synonymous with leadership. I can personally attest to the fact that the younger boys look up to the Year 12s in their striped blazers for guidance and to be role models. The simple fact of the matter is that the College cannot function with just a Captain of School. It is vital to the running of the College that there is a strong and cohesive group of leaders in the Year 12 student body. Being a good leader does not have to be an onerous task, and it can be as simple as just being a role model to the younger boys around you and consistently embodying the College's core values of integrity, service and stewardship.

Angus King
Vice-Captain of School (Operations)

I began my journey at Scotch in Year 1, eager to make my way to the top of the College like my Dad had done 37 years before. From then onwards, my journey was filled with trying new things and building strong relationships with those around me. I look forward to making 2024 a year to remember.

How have you shown leadership in the activities you've participated in throughout your Scotch journey, and what learnings will you bring to your role?

Throughout my time at Scotch College, I have been fortunate enough to make the most of all the opportunities in front of me. Playing Cricket at Scotch has given me a platform to show leadership by sharing my knowledge and experience with the younger boys, helping them to adapt to difficult situations. Something I want to bring to the role is encouraging boys to try new things and helping them find their path and thrive within the College. Drama productions and musicals have given me leadership opportunities by allowing me to be creative on stage and express my ideas to benefit the end product. I would love to bring this to my role by being creative in my speeches and coming up with new ideas regarding the staff trophy.

Max Thorpe
Vice-Captain of School (Service)

I started at Scotch in 2019 as an enthusiastic Year 7. I was extremely excited to become part of the College and quickly formed bonds with many boys. The opportunities the College has provided have helped shape me into who I am today. I have been active in the Service programme since Year 8, when I conducted several beach clean-ups in the local area for my community project.

Our Service programme takes students out of the classroom to experience communities beyond their own. How does it prepare boys for life?

A rounded education is more than just academics. Scotch's Service programme helps prepare boys for life by transforming them into well-rounded young men. It allows them to use their skill set outside of the classroom in a way that benefits other people's lives. By partaking in the College's Service programme, boys find themselves embedded in the local community and are taught the importance of placing others above themselves. They form meaningful bonds with other boys and members of the public and create memories that will last forever. Seeing the joy that you can bring to strangers' lives through service is something that is very special and helps prepare boys for life after school.

Rhama Evans
Captain of Boarding

I joined Scotch in 2022 as a Year 11 boarder from Geraldton. Growing up, I had the privilege of experiencing a diverse background – my mother is Central Javanese from Indonesia. Our heritage has shown me the value of family and togetherness and how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Hailing from Geraldton, a sense of community is at the forefront of my identity, where a love for sport, adventure and mateship was ingrained in many of us from an early age.

Being a boarder and living away from home builds valuable life skills. What skills have you learned and how do they contribute to who you are as a leader?

Being a leader is about inspiring those around you to be better versions of themselves through the little things being done to a high standard every day. Choosing to board was a tough decision. However, it's one that I am extremely grateful for. During my time here, Boarding has developed my resilience, strengthening my ability to overcome difficult and varied life experiences and enabling me to support and encourage others in need. Additionally, it has greatened my acceptance of others, opening my eyes fully to the unique yet united community that is Boarding at Scotch College, where we are privileged to experience many cultures from around the country and the world.

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