Learning to speak to an audience with confidence

In Autumn Term, our Year 3–5 students gained experience in a vital life skill – Public Speaking. Presenting to an audience can be nerve-wracking, but utilising our newly learned techniques, each boy presented a fascinating and engaging speech.

Initially, we undertook brainstorming sessions where our students identified the broadest range of subjects imaginable. Noodles, the life cycle of bananas, Lamborghinis, future technologies, the notion of children ruling the world and a world without homework were some of the wonderful topics of conversation that captured our students' attention and interest.

In class, the boys researched and planned their speeches while learning how to present and use gestures, inject humour, make eye contact, refer to palm cards and use voice projection to enhance the quality of their presentation.

The heats in class created a hum of excitement and it was clear that all students were highly engaged in this initiative.

All students benefited from the experience and gained confidence in addressing an audience, a skill that will serve them very well in life and one that many of us wish that we had been exposed to sooner!

Winners were chosen and progressed to the school finals in Memorial Hall, a venue not for the faint-hearted. However, our finalists took it all in their strides and stepped up confidently to deliver their speeches once again.

Our adjudicators had a torturous decision to make as the standard and quality from all competitors was so high.

In Year 5, James Ackerman, James Walawski and Henry Dove were placed first, second and third respectively. Meanwhile, in the Year 3 and 4 event, George Davies and Charlie McClung enjoyed success.

The IPSHA finals for Year 5 and 6 were held in Autumn Term at Scotch College. Many of our Year 4 and 5 students volunteered to assist on the evening and are to be commended for their wonderful manners and behaviour at the event.

The new Maths and Commerce Building was an ideal venue for the heats and Memorial Hall was packed to the rafters for the Grand Final.

We look forward to attending the Year 3 and 4 IPSHA Speaker's Challenge at Wesley College and wish our representatives the best of luck.

The Speaker's Challenge has been a positive learning experience for all. Each boy has gained exposure to a discipline that will be relevant and useful to them no matter what paths they pursue.

They have built self-confidence and resilience by overcoming fears and stepping forward to speak publicly with clarity and enthusiasm.

The staff were mightily impressed by everyone's effort and involvement and we are already eagerly awaiting next year's contributions and entries.

Alison Webster
Enrichment Co-Ordinator