Strategic Plan

Developing a learning community with an international standard of excellence

Scotch College's strategic direction is important to the immediate and long-term future of the College. The Strategic Plan is under-pinned by the College's vision, mission and values and will help to guide Scotch in meeting the teaching and learning, spiritual and social challenges of the future.

Developed by the Executive Committee, the Strategic Plan sets out the College's organisational priorities and aspirations for the foreseeable future.

Many strategies and projects are already in progress whilst others are more long-term and require considered research and detailed planning. Our community will be kept fully informed about the implementation process via our fortnightly eNews, Thistle.

The four pillars

Teaching and learning

Through contemporary teaching and learning all boys will be empowered to achieve their potential and become engaged in the global community.

Within the College's strategic direction for Teaching and Learning we have set out three goals in the areas of Student Learning, Curriculum and Staff.

Student Learning

To develop a contemporary learning experience that is student centred, relevant, engaging and globally valued.


To provide a blended contemporary, internationally acknowledged curriculum in order to develop globally prepared citizens.


To attract, enrich and retain quality staff such that the College is regarded as a preferred employer.

Spirituality and growth

Individuals will have a mature self-understanding, an appreciation of the world with the ability to make informed choices and be agents of positive change.

Within the College's strategic direction for spirituality and personal growth we have set out three goals in the areas of personal growth, values and culture and leadership.

Personal growth

Individuals will develop self-understanding which improves mental and physical health and empowers them in the development of inner strength and relationships with others.

Values and culture

Individuals will develop an appreciation of the world which enables them to reflect on and appreciate difference. They will be able to engage with people from other communities, to make informed choices and to take risks on the basis of those choices.


Individuals will have the courage to effect meaningful change to communities in their sphere of influence.

Development and resources

To maximise and sustain the College's recurrent and capital resources while responsibly responding to the future structural demands of a changing education environment.

Community and alliances

All stakeholders will be part of a community which gains strength from honouring members' contributions.

Within the College's strategic direction for community and alliances we have set out three goals in the areas of the Scotch community, the broader community and governance.

Scotch community

To foster an environment where all stakeholders share expertise, resources, networking and experiences to enhance the strategic direction of the College.

Broader community

To extend our knowledge and understanding of the wider world through interactions with third parties.


To provide a structure to support the work and relationship between the College Council and College Executive in implementing the Strategic Plan.