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Junior School: Years 1 to 5

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As a leading all-boys private primary school in Perth, WA, our programme aims to establish solid educational, social and spiritual foundations, empowering students to pursue adventure and lifelong learning.

Students are given an environment in which they can thrive with a dependable support network and teaching methods to suit students' individual needs and learning styles. We take pride in being a private primary school that values integrity, service and stewardship, striving to nurture your child to become their best self.

Discovery, inspiration and excellence

In the Junior School, we recognise that boys have different needs as they move through their early learning and primary years. As Head of the Junior School, I have the pleasure of being involved in the first and most formative years of your son's education.

In Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, we tap into your child's natural curiosity and inspire a love of learning through guided play and inquiry-based activities.

Curriculum and International Baccalaureate

As he progresses to Junior Primary, our focus is on ensuring he develops his skills and confidence in literacy and numeracy. We teach the Australian Curriculum within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. This encourages boys to wonder about their world and recognise connections between learning areas.

Developmental needs

At Scotch, we recognise that every boy develops at a different rate intellectually, physically and emotionally. We meet the challenge of creating a positive foundation for school by providing a broad-based curriculum that enables each boy to explore a wide variety of intellectual, physical, and creative opportunities at his own pace. Foremost in the Junior School, we aim to provide a learning environment in which students feel happy, productive and secure.

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I invite you to contact the College to arrange a tour of Junior School and see our community in action. Additionally, we are pleased to offer a Discover Day at Scotch College where your son can gain some insight into the rich experiences on offer at the College. Please contact Admissions to arrange this.

Mrs Maria Hodges
Head of Junior School

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Outside School Hours Care

We've partnered with Extend ­– Australia's largest family-owned and operated outside school hours care provider – to offer engaging, inclusive and safe before and after school care programmes.

Extend helps parents balance work with family life by creating spaces where your children can thrive, learn, laugh and play.

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Our points of difference

Teaching and Learning

Our Junior School teaches the Australian Curriculum within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

The Primary Years Programme is an inspiring curriculum framework designed to challenge students aged three to 12.

Through our units of inquiry, we teacher our boys to investigate, wonder, communicate, and collaborate, as demonstrated by the boys in their culminating experience of the PYP, the Year 5 Exhibition.

Our transdisciplinary units of inquiry are:

  • Who we are
  • Where we are in place and time
  • How we express ourselves
  • How the world works
  • How we organise ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

Through our transdisciplinary approach, boys develop their English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, PE and Health skills through our rigorous and engaging inquiry learning approach. We are also committed to the development of basic skills in literacy and numeracy to ensure that all boys have success in their learning.

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Supporting the classroom curriculum, the Junior School offers a range of co-curricular opportunities. These are targeted at the different age ranges of the Junior School and are planned to engage the boys physically, mentally and to develop their creativity.

Our co-curricular offerings include Aviation, Mandarin, Coding, Judo, Environment, Chess, Art, Drama production, Music ensembles and bands, to name but a few.

Community and Service

The Community and Service programme at Scotch has evolved over decades of engagement by boys in a multitude of service activities. Facilitated through partnerships with agencies, our programme encourages students to seek out individual opportunities to serve, giving tangible expression to our Christian values.

From Kindergarten to Year 12, students have access to service activities framed around the Scotch Service model cornerstones: nurture, inspire, sustain, and connect. Service is at the heart of all three International Baccalaureate programmes, and central to our school motto of 'preparing boys for life' – a life of servant leadership.

Junior School students are encouraged to look for ways to help others – in their family, peer group and in the broader local community. The Primary Years Programme inquire-reflect-act process, allows boys to explore ways of serving others. Organisations including Kids Who Give WA and UnitingCare West provide tangible opportunities for boys to serve.

Junior School boys engage in co-curricular clubs such as the Giving Tree, Environmental Club, gardening clubs, beach clean-up and various fundraising activities.

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Pastoral care is predicated on the concept of 'knowing the boy'.

Underpinning the pastoral care culture of Junior School is the class teachers who has the most significant pastoral care responsibility for the boy.

Supporting the class teachers in the area of pastoral care are the Junior School Chaplain, Junior School Educational Psychologist, the Deputy Head of Junior School and a Director of Wellbeing, who has oversight of Wellbeing and Pastoral Care throughout the College.

We aim to develop boys who are independent, resilient, reflective, caring and kind and who increasingly take responsibility for their actions. We want to assist our boys to care for others and contribute to their community.

We run the Friendly Schools Anti Bullying Programme which is designed to develop boy's social and emotional intelligence to reduce bullying, to better cope with challenging situations that may arise and to thrive when the opportunity presents.

The wellbeing of our community is a priority of the College.

Sport and Outdoor Education

Sport is a valuable component of the programme at Scotch College. The school recognises the need for every boy to participate in sport and places a strong emphasis on participation as well as performing to individual potential. Participation is crucial to a student's development. All boys have access to the School's renowned sports playing fields and recreational facilities.

In addition to the Physical Education programme the boys from Year 5 compete each week in our JPSSA competitions against the six other PSA schools. There are a great range of sports to choose from including Basketball, Cricket, Water Polo, Volleyball, Tennis, Football, Hockey, Rugby and Soccer. Year 4 take part in the Hockey, Football, Rugby, Soccer and Basketball sporting carnivals to prepare them for JPSSA sport in Year 5.

All boys also participate in Inter-House Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics and with some representing the College in Inter-School competitions throughout the year.

Boys in Year 4 and 5 take part in our outdoor education programme. At our Moray Outdoor Education Center in Dwellingup, our Year 5 boys engage in orienteering, rafting, hiking, canoeing, ropes and obstacle course, team building activities and camping. Year 4 camp on the school grounds learning to put up a tent, prepare their own food while engaging in orienteering and indigenous studies. For some, this is their first night away from home.

Information Learning Technology and Libraries

The Scotch Library and Information Learning Technology departments form a strategic partnership to create an environment at Scotch that provides each boy with access to the most up to date information through the most suitable technological tools for learning. Through common goals each department supports the boys on a daily basis with dedicated teams delivering a rich curriculum.

In the Junior School the library's four key roles when working with the boys is to promote a love of reading; emphasise the importance of exploring new subjects and genres; allow the boys to play; and teach research skills and information literacy.

Scotch works hard to ensure that your son is able to explore and interact with his imagination through fiction. He will be challenged to read outside of his immediate interests and be introduced to non-fiction that expands his understanding of other topics. As part of the Library programme students have access to games, LEGO, Makerspace items and 3D printing. Through play, students are able to explore in unstructured ways and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

In Years 1 to 5, your son is taught how to use the digital encyclopedias for research and are taught how to begin referencing sources and why this is important.

Device use

In the Junior School, the College dedicates a significant number of resources and time to ensuring that your son is provided with the best technology experiences. As part of Scotch College's programme he is introduced and exposed to a controlled environment of technology use. Your son will be guided on the ways to use technology appropriately and efficiently.

As an Apple Distinguished School we are committed to the Apple Ecosystem that we believe provides the best overall experience for learning.

With all aspects of the Junior School technology integration programme, support and assistance is provided to families.


Specialist facilities

The Junior School building overlooks the fabulous Black Thistle Pirate Ship playground and the College ovals and playing fields.

The boys have access to other specialist facilities including: the Junior School Art room; MacKellar Hall; Academic Support rooms; Bush School along Lake Claremont; the Early Learning Centre; the Performing Arts room; peripatetic music instruction rooms; a 50m Swimming Pool; Junior Middle Library; College Gallery and the Fab Lab Innovation Space.

Academic Extension

There are many parallels between educational enrichment and extension and the PYP framework including:

  • Concept-based curriculum and instruction, encouraging students to draw connections between facts and understand their place in the world
  • Authentic assessment tasks requiring a real-world application of understanding and skills
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Development of students' independent inquiry
  • Higher order thinking skills
  • Development of meta-cognitive understanding

Boys are identified through external assessments, summative testing and teacher recommendation. Off-level testing is administered to find their ceiling and a one-on-one interview is conducted. Boys eligible for extension are offered a range of targeted, differentiated and innovative educational programmes such as: mathematics extension classes, school newspaper club, extension writing clubs and a range of competitions in the arts and much more.

Academic Support

The role of Academic Support in the Junior School is to initially identify boys with special educational needs who are not achieving at year level or those boys with gaps in their knowledge and understanding, who would benefit direct intervention programmes or in class support.

Direct intervention programmes including, Multilit, Extending Maths Understanding and Levelled Literacy Intervention Programme support classroom programmes and are administered by Academic Support teachers. In class support is also provided through Academic Support Teachers and Education Assistants to assist boys to access the curriculum and develop basic skills.


Conversations, Coffee & Curriculum

Free educational events for current and future parents

Join us for this relaxed, informative event series, filled with learning ideas to try at home. Each event offers educational strategies designed for specific age groups, from Kindergarten through to Year 5.

All events are free and adults-only.

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Scotch College is a progressive all boys private primary school in Perth, Western Australia committed to enriching the lives of our students.

If you'd like to find out more about Scotch College's primary school programme, contact us on +61 8 9383 6800 or email us at admissions@scotch.wa.edu.au today.

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Scotch College acknowledges the Wadjuk Noongar and Wilman Noongar people, the traditional custodians of the lands and waters on which the College and our campuses stand. We pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge the Noongar people as the First Peoples of this place.