Spirituality and Chaplaincy

At Scotch we acknowledge our Christian foundations. We hold to the values that Jesus lived out and spoke out. These values are present in many religions and we acknowledge those within our diverse student body and wider community.

The term 'Spirituality' helps us to focus on the deep and profound as well as everyday behaviour. These include 'servant leadership', community service, sportsmanship, building positive relationships, sustainable living and ecological responsibility, and lasting friendships.

Spirituality is about a lifestyle.

It is a lifestyle that is influenced by faith. This brings about a sense of purpose. It challenges with the question, "Why am I here, what makes sense of my existence? Do I live for faith or for others?" Religion talks about the structures of a faith system and its historical foundations.

For us the traditions and history of the Scotch community are an invaluable part of our journey as is our challenging interpretation as we journey forward.