A boarding journey that turns into a community for life

Scotch College embraces a global and holistic view of education, opening the world to country students through diverse experiences and flexible educational pathways designed to suit the personal strengths, learning preferences and ambitions of each student.

While greater educational opportunities are undoubtedly a driving factor in the decision to send a child to boarding school, when looking to the future it isn't only a student's values, skills or academic performance that will shape their lives, but also the community that stands behind them.

Headmaster, Dr Alec O'Connell, has often spoken about how proud he is of the exceptional community at Scotch, which includes staff, students, parents, and thousands of alumni scattered across the world.

"We know our boarding families want their sons to have the very best opportunities a Scotch education can offer, but they also have a strong sense of community and are proud of where they come from, which are values we share."

"Throughout their years at Scotch, boarders often form very close friendships and connections within their boarding family, and this community continues to provide them with a sense of belonging and support throughout their lives."

"While academic success is an integral part of the school, it only scratches the surface of what makes our College great. It is the passionate community that really sets us apart."

The connections made within the Scotch community don't only enrich the personal lives of students but are also incredibly valuable in supporting career development and progression.

Boarding parents enjoying a Sundowner at The Gooch Pavilion

The Old Scotch Collegians (OSC), which is one of the largest organisations of its kind in Australia with 16,500 members living worldwide, contributes substantially to the College through financial support and diverse knowledge. Members provide students with employment and vocational advice and support, including work experience and mentoring, before welcoming them into the organisation when their journey at Scotch comes to an end.

Since graduates will be an "Old Scotch Boy" for many years longer than they were a student, the OSC represents a large and dynamic force within the College community. It takes great pride in creating and maintaining deep ties between students, Old Boys, and the entire College community, with these relationships forged and benefits felt from the first day a boy commences school.

Old Scotch Collegian and CBH Group CEO Ben Macnamara spoke to students at Scotch's Ag Day earlier on this year about the value of the College's expansive network and urged them to take advantage of those connections.

Headmaster Dr Alec O'Connell (left), Old Scotch Collegian and CBH Group CEO Ben Macnamara, Captain of Boarding Lachie Elliot and his father Justin Elliot caught up at the College's Ag Day

Ben spent five years boarding at Scotch College before attaining a commerce degree at university and embarking on a global career. He spent over a decade working in Sydney, London, New York and Singapore for accounting and consulting firm PwC.

"I look back on my time at Scotch very fondly and feel very fortunate to be part of this community," Ben told students.

"My connection to the College has come up throughout my career and it's a way to connect with people wherever I've been around the world. I think the boarding aspect of that played a critical part."

"You're fortunate to be part of an incredible community here at Scotch and there are lots of connections to the ag sector, so I encourage you to pull on those."

CSBP Fertilisers account manager trainee and 2017 Scotch College graduate Tom Palmer did not come from a farming or regional background but said the connections he made throughout his years boarding at Scotch fuelled his passion for agriculture.

"Some of my friends were from farming families so I spent a fair bit of time on their properties and those connections certainly impacted my decision to go down the ag path," Tom said.

Whether they choose to return to their home community, work in the city or embark on a global career, boarders can always rely on the Scotch community to support them throughout their lives.

"Boarding school is a holistic approach to education that offers boundless opportunities for personal and academic growth," Dr O'Connell said.

"It allows boys to develop new interests and make friends while acquiring the life skills needed to succeed.

"When a student begins his boarding journey at Scotch, he embarks on a lifelong journey and graduates into a community for life."