Why primary education matters and what you must consider when choosing a primary school

Early education is a catalyst for all that comes, explains our Head of Junior School Maria Hodges, and positive learning experiences are key to guaranteeing future success at school and beyond. Discover how Scotch College provides the best possible start in our Junior School and Maria's tips for choosing the right school.

Research shows that early education is pivotal in a child's long-term academic, social and personal development. It's a time when they learn some of life's most important skills, like critical thinking, literacy and numeracy.

Future success truly depends on a child's primary education, and choosing the right school for your child is no easy decision.

At Scotch College, we offer a supportive environment, attentive teachers and provoking learning experiences that spark curiosity and a love of learning.

Here are a few reasons why Scotch College's Junior School is the best choice to prepare your child for success at school and beyond.

A nurturing environment

Positive learning environments are critical in achieving academic and emotional growth, and ours prioritises comfort, belonging and curiosity.

Our Junior School offers a warm, inclusive atmosphere where every child feels valued and secure. Limited to approximately 25 students, our small class sizes ensure each student receives ample support from our attentive teachers.


Tailored curriculum

We carefully tailor our Junior School curriculum to the needs and developmental stages of young learners.

Our experienced teachers combine traditional teaching methods with modern approaches to education, like the inquiry-based International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, to offer a well-rounded education.

We support our students to acquire essential skills and knowledge, become curious about the world around them and blossom into motivated learners.

State-of-the-art facilities and resources

Vibrant environments and advanced resources are key to creating rich learning experiences.

We are committed to innovation and provide each student with the latest educational tools and platforms, preparing them for our rapidly evolving world.

Our light-filled and spacious classrooms promote collaboration, engagement and interactive learning, where we offer hands-on and real-world activities.

Values and service

At Scotch College, we acknowledge the role of school education in supporting young people to build core values and we are committed to instilling a sense of ethics and social responsibility in our students.

Our Junior School delivers a values-based education and a comprehensive Community Service programme while fostering a culture of respect, integrity, compassion and resilience. We guide students to become compassionate global citizens and active community members.

Enrichment and support

Our Junior School prioritises individual growth and ensures your child's unique needs and abilities are nurtured.

Our substantial Academic Support and Enrichment teams track and monitor each student from the day they start at Scotch, regularly meeting with teachers and our Deputy Head of Junior School (Teaching & Learning) to ensure we are meeting their needs and they receive adequate support, extension and enrichment.

We foster safe classroom environments and an inclusive learning culture, enabling each child to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

A smooth transition to Middle School

Starting at a new school, sub-school or year level can be challenging and offering adequate support and tools is critical in maintaining students' love of learning.

By starting in our Junior School, your child will be familiar with our campus and structure and have a strong network of peers before moving to Middle School. Our Junior and Middle Schools work closely to ease the transition, and students can access our comprehensive support networks and resources at every stage.

Our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools share an aligned curriculum, and students who attend from Junior School onwards experience a seamless learning journey with no gaps in knowledge.


Character-building and self-discovery

Experiencing a range of activities and situations in the early years is the best way for young people to uncover passions, develop resilience and build all-roundedness.

Our Junior School offers Co-Curricular activities to challenge, inspire and interest every student, such as Sport, Drama, Music, Languages, Clubs and Community Service. Provided with specialised teachers and equipment, students practice teamwork and leadership while extending their creative and physical skills.

The best of co-educational and single-sex education

In our Junior School, we cater to boys' specific learning styles and interests while offering opportunities for co-educational collaboration with local girls' schools.

With other schools, we deliver joint learning initiatives, collaborative projects and extracurricular activities, enabling our students to form friendships, build confidence and develop communication skills.

Our co-educational programmes include our Years 1 and 2 Beach and River School, a fortnightly session with Presbyterian Ladies' College's Year 1 and 2 students, and our Ignite Leadership programme, which brings together Years 4 and 5 students from our College and St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls.   

A lifelong community

Each student at Scotch College is part of a vibrant and supportive community that extends far beyond their school years. Our highly-connected Old Scotch Collegians alumni network has over 15,000 members worldwide and provides opportunities for mentorship, networking and lifelong friendships.

Starting at Scotch College in our Junior School lets your child make lasting connections with peers and develop a sense of belonging in our school community before entering Middle School. Our students' families, too, make connections with other families and are encouraged to come onsite and be part of our events and learning experiences.

The primary years are the best time to prepare your child for a bright future, and choosing the right school is key. 

In Junior School, we are committed to providing the best possible start to your child's education, brimming with a nurturing environment, tailored curriculum, holistic development and a lifelong support network.

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Maria Hodges
Head of Junior School

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