Cognitive Curriculum

Our students will inherit a rapidly changing world. To prepare them to adapt, we place as much importance on how they learn as what they learn and have developed a Cognitive Curriculum that is incorporated into every subject, at every year level. Our approach to learning nurtures:

  • communication;
  • self-management;
  • research;
  • thinking; and
  • social skills.

In great detail, your child will study the subject that will have the biggest impact on his future: themselves. They will learn what their learning style is, where they create obstacles for themselves and how to overcome them. Step by step, they will be guided through how to develop perseverance and mindfulness, how to problem solve and think laterally. They will learn how to lead and collaborate, resolve conflict and build consensus. They will become more engaged learners with the skills to embrace change.

For more information on Cognitive Curriculum, we encourage you to visit and explore our dedicated Teaching and Learning site. Alternatively, visit our specific course information page.

Through the Cognitive Curriculum, your child will "learn how to learn".