Entering a new chapter after Boarding

Kalib Dempster Park began his Boarding journey in 2017 as a Year 7 from Grass Valley and later served as our 2022 Captain of Boarding. After graduating, Kalib reflects on his six-year journey and its highlights and challenges.

It's quite surreal coming to the end of my Boarding journey.

Boarding has become a big part of my life, and I have loved my time here.

At the end of holidays and long weekends, I look forward to returning to the Boarding House and seeing all my mates.

I don't think how close you become with peers in the Boarding House can be overstated. They feel more like brothers than mates.

Boarding has shaped me into the person I am today and taught me many valuable life skills.

I've been so grateful to have the opportunity to lead the Boarding community this year, and I have cherished the opportunity.


On behalf of our Boarding cohort, thanks to our community for supporting us in times of challenge.

As we all know, COVID-19 has been unpredictable, and it may have been challenging for some families to pick up their son if he became infected or a close contact.

We all appreciate the sacrifices our families make, and without their dedication, the boarding community may have been affected even more widely by COVID-19.

I would also like to thank the boys for their approach this year.


It hasn't been a typical year, and COVID-19 has presented many challenges and made life in Boarding very different.

Even though restrictions can be frustrating, we must adhere to them as they are in the community's best interest and keep everyone safe.

Boarding has been an incredibly valuable experience for me and my peers.

The opportunity to come to Scotch and help contribute to the school's culture in its 125th year has been very rewarding.

Kalib Dempster Park
Captain of Boarding

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