Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Scotch College has developed the following Statement of Commitment to Child Safety as an overarching statement that provides key elements of our approach to the protection of children and it sets the tone for the College's entire Child Protection Program.

This Statement is designed to be Scotch College's public statement of commitment to the protection of children from abuse and grooming, and a demonstration of the College's leaders' commitment to champion child safety in all College environments.

The College's Statement of Commitment to Child Safety has been approved and endorsed by the College's College Council and is reviewed at least annually, in light of experience, the effectiveness of procedures and the publication of relevant research.

The Statement is communicated through our public website and staff intranet, as well as through other mediums including the College's annual report and in induction and welcome packs for Council members, staff members  including boarding staff, andDirect Contact Volunteers.  A PDF version of the Statement is available here.


This Statement provides the framework for:

  • the development of work systems, practices, policies and procedures that promote child protection, safety and wellbeing, deter inappropriate interactions and facilitate detection of abuse and grooming within the College;
  • the creation of a safe and supportive College environment and a positive and robust child protection culture;
  • the promotion and open discussion of child protection issues within the College; and
  • complying with all laws, regulations and standards relevant to child protection in WA.

Statement of Commitment

Scotch College is committed to providing education and care to children and young people to assist them to develop into high-achieving, supported students, positively connected to each other and to the communities in which they live and which they will serve.

The College is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people at the College and is dedicated to protecting them from abuse and grooming by implementing robust policies and procedures to deter abuse and grooming and facilitate detection and reporting at the College.

The College's Statement of Commitment to Child Safety has been designed to reflect the Child Safe Organisations WA: Guidelines and focus on what is best for children.

At Scotch College, we have a zero tolerance for child abuse and grooming. The College regards its child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance and as such is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations and to maintain safe and supportive College physical and online environments for all children and young people.

Child-Safe Values & Principles

The following child-safe values and principles guide the College's commitment to child safety and form the basis for all child protection policies and procedures at the College.

  1. All children have the right to be safe.
  2. The welfare and best interests of the child are paramount.
  3. The views of the child and their privacy must be respected.
  4. Clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children are established in our Child Safety Code of Conduct and Staff and Student Professional Boundaries policy.
  5. The safety of children is dependent upon the existence of a child-safe culture.
  6. Child safety awareness is promoted and openly discussed within our College community.
  7. Procedures are in place to screen all staff including boarding staff, Direct Contact Volunteers, Third Party Contractors and External Education Providers who have direct contact with children.
  8. Child safety and protection is everyone's responsibility.
  9. Child protection training is mandatory for all Council members, staff members including boarding staff and Direct Contact Volunteers.
  10. Procedures for responding to alleged or suspected incidents of child abuse and grooming are simple and accessible for all members of the College community.
  11. Procedures are in place to ensure all College premises are designed to ensure the safety of children.

Standards of Behaviour

The College demands the highest standards of behaviour for all stakeholders interacting with children and young people in our College environments. Our Child Safety Code of Conduct clearly outlines expected standards of behaviour and the consequences if stakeholders fail to meet the College's expectations.


The College acknowledges that child protection is everyone's responsibility.

At Scotch College all members of the College Council, staff members including boarding staff, Direct and Indirect Volunteers, Third Party Contractors and External Education Providers have a shared responsibility for contributing to the safety and protection of children. Specific responsibilities for each group of the College community are further explained in the Who is Responsible for Child Protection? section of our Child Protection Program.

Reporting Child Protection Concerns

Our Child Protection Program provides detailed guidance for all members of the College community as to how to identify key risk indicators of child abuse and grooming and how to report child protection concerns to the Headmaster. It also contains detailed procedures with respect to the reporting of child abuse and grooming incidents to relevant external authorities.

Staff, Third Party Contractors, External Education Providers, Volunteers, students, parents/guardians and other community members who have concerns that a child may be subject to abuse or grooming are asked to contact the College's Senior Child Protection Officer, Mr James Hindle, Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing, by phoning 9383-6931 or 0449 055 913 or emailing

In accordance with the WA Registration Standards for Non-Government Schools, all breaches and suspected breaches of the College's Child Protection Code of Conduct must be reported to the DoE by the Council. The Principal or the Chair of the Council must be told of the breach or suspected breach before a DoE report is made.

All communications will be treated confidentially on a 'need to know basis'.

Whenever there are concerns that a child is in immediate danger the Police should be called on 000.

If you have any questions regarding the College's Statement of Commitment to Child Safety, and how it applies to you, the College's Child Protection Officers are available for advice.

Programme Compliance and Review

Scotch College is committed to the continuous improvement of our Child Protection Programme and to ensuring the College's compliance with WA child protection law and regulation.

The Programme is reviewed annually and updated regularly for overall effectiveness, in light of experience and to ensure compliance with all child protection related laws, regulations and standards. For more information, refer to the Continuous Review & Improvement section of our Child Protection Programme.

Reviewed 30 May 2019


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