Brewing up a storm

Last term saw twenty Year 12 boys perfecting their latte art as part of a special barista course for the Year 12 Residential Life Wellbeing Programme.

The programme is aimed at helping students find a balance between their academic school day and home life with the ultimate goal of preparing students for the transition into the community when they finish school. A successful partnership was formed with Kirkwood Deli in Swanbourne, Fiori Coffee and Scotch College to deliver what started out as a one-off session to teach students the basics of coffee making. This transpired into a very successful 6-week programme with many boys taking up the opportunity to make a variety of different coffees.

This has been a very successful model in terms of our school working with local business to achieve a sense of balance between study life, personal life and transitioning into the community when they finish their experience with us. 

Thomas Menzies, one of the Year 12 boys who participated and said "We were shown how to make various types of coffee and just how difficult it can be to make a perfect coffee and why it takes time and effort to create. I really enjoyed this course and I can see it will have many benefits for us all beyond school".

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