Becoming a role model

Our Year 5 students started this year with enthusiasm, aware of their responsibility as leaders of our Junior School. Kicked off with their Leadership Day, our students have learned the importance of communication and cooperation and are ready to tackle their newfound roles.

The Year 5 students have started the new school year with enthusiasm for their role as leaders of the Junior School.

Excited by the 'top of the food chain' feeling, old friends were fist-bumped as we welcomed new friends.

Our students greeted their new teachers and explored a new learning space, ready to learn.

Awaiting Year 5 was their anticipated, redeveloped precinct, affectionately known as 'The Hub'.

Once home to our Middle School boarders, we marvelled at its transformation from bunk-house into brand new, spacious classrooms.

The quarters were bright and airy, large and light-filled, and allowed for a third class, bringing more vibrant characters to our wonderful community.

This year, our Junior School launched a Year 5 leadership initiative, which began with a fantastic Leadership Day.

We visited the Senior School to observe the marching, where House Captains demonstrated well-timed steps to the rhythm of the pipe band.

The Year 5 team then had the privilege of engaging with Year 12 students leaders who led various games, including team singing and sports.

Students needed to communicate and cooperate to overcome challenges in each activity, including the 'cup-challenge' and 'the maze'.

And, of course, it would not be Year 5 without our introduction to the JPSSA programme.

Despite the hot weather, we slapped on hats and sun-cream to swing bats and racquets and bounce, throw, and wallop balls as best we could.

Waterpolo was the envy of everyone on these high-temp days; however, everyone agreed that an afternoon of sport was the perfect way to top off our day.

We could continue to wax lyrical about the start of the new year; however, we'd like to congratulate our Year 5 students for the effort and passion they have brought to their classroom and our school.

We can only look forward to celebrating and harnessing all this enthusiasm as they set an example for our Junior School students!

Year 5 Teachers
Rebecca Turkich, Renae Russo and Olivia Creagh