Introducing our new Head of Sport David Gault

Commencing in Winter Term, join us in welcoming our new Head of Sport David Gault, his wife Alena and their daughters Mia and Sophie to our community.

Formerly the Head of Sport at Aquinas College, David discusses captaining a premiership team with South Fremantle Football Club, the importance of building resilience and what he hopes to achieve in his new role at Scotch.

You've played 211 games for South Fremantle Football Club, including two years as captain. What are your favorite memories during that time?

My two favorite memories are the two premierships I was a part of. I was first part of a premiership team in 1997. At the time, I was quite young and it was the first premiership the club had won in 17 years, so it was very exciting. In 2005, I was the captain of a premiership team and that was an amazing feeling. Those achievements would be my standout memories.

How do you think playing professional sport has translated into the classroom and a school context?

I think being involved in teams is really important. Playing professional sport, I've been in many team situations and learned to understand how to cooperate with people who carry different skills and abilities. Not everyone is the same and you've got to adapt and understand your teammates to achieve success. Along the way, there weren't all highs. There were many lows. Dealing with disappointment and learning how to be resilient are important things we can teach boys, particularly in a PSA setting.

Are you an Eagles or Dockers supporter?

South Fremantle Football Club is my team, but my daughters strongly follow the Dockers after their Nonno. I don't really support an AFL team.

You've joined us from your role as Head of Sport at Aquinas College. Are you sure there's not going to be any bias in our PSA matches?

No, definitely not. I've taken some time off and I'm really looking forward to a new challenge and role in my professional career. So, definitely no bias.

I'll be fully embracing the tartan.

What was your reason for applying for the Head of Sport position?

From afar I've always been really impressed with the way Scotch manage their PSA (Public Schools Association) Sport and the way their boys conduct themselves. It's always apparent that sport is greatly loved and supported by the Scotch community, and the sportsmanship of students is clear. I've always found Scotch and Aquinas fixtures to be very amicable, with a lot of respect from both sides. I think the two schools share similar values, particularly concerning sportsmanship and tenacity.

I was in my previous role at Aquinas for 16 years, so it was a chance to take on a new and exciting challenge. It felt like the right time and I'm really looking forward to it. I've previously worked alongside now Director of Co-Curricular Richard Foster and Assistant to the Head of Sport James Bridle in the PSA system. I'm looking forward to working closely with both Richard and James; people who I've respected from afar.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role at Scotch?

Scotch have been very successful in sport in recent years, so I'm hoping we can continue to achieve great results. Whilst maintaining sports that have been successful, I hope to focus on sports that haven't seen as much success. Are there strategies that can be put in place to perhaps turn their seasons around and see them be more competitive? I believe the focus can't be predominantly on First team sport. Each week, I hope to provide learning and development opportunities for all boys in PSA Sport. Building on the excellent work of Richard Foster, I hope to continue giving the boys the best experience possible. If their weekly sport training and matches are enjoyable and they feel a sense of excitement about playing sport and working in a team, then I think I've succeeded.

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