Languages Week 2021

From 20–24 Sep, our Middle School will be celebrating linguistic diversity and learning about languages from across the world. Head of Middle School Brad Gill outlines the variety of activities planned for the week and discusses the benefits of learning a second language.

In the final week of Winter Term, our Middle School will be holding Languages Week.

Designed to raise awareness of the benefits of language learning; Languages Week calls us to celebrate linguistic diversity in our community and commend the work of our students and teachers who enable language learning to thrive in our schools.

In the 21st century, knowing a second language is not only beneficial but necessary for success in life. The globalisation of the world's economy is causing diverse cultures and communities to develop regular contact with each other.

From the corporate marketplace to the individual consumer, from pre-schools to universities, from the beach vacationer to the global jet set – our global community has become integrated and interdependent (although, maybe not so much right now).

Institutions of higher learning are scrutinising applicants to identify future world leaders; employers and businesses are seeking applicants who can navigate the modern global economy. By learning another language, students can develop both of these skill sets.

In addition to equipping young people with tools for the future, language learning has been proven to enhance student performance across the curriculum. A key component is improved cognitive function, including, but not limited to:

  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Improved verbal and spatial abilities
  • Improved memory function (long & short-term)
  • Enhanced creative thinking capacity
  • Better memory
  • More flexible and creative thinking
  • Improved attitude toward the target language and culture

The aforementioned cognitive benefits of language learning can have a profound impact on a student's all-round performance at school, including:

  • Higher standardized test scores
  • Higher reading achievement
  • Expanded student vocabulary in a native language (ie. English)
  • Higher academic performance at a college level

Next week, we are delighted to celebrate the diversity of language and associated world cultures in our Middle School.

Our students will have the opportunity to learn more about Indigenous culture and the Stolen Generations with our Indigenous Student Programme Coordinator Michael Spratt, participate in a writing workshop with local author Shelley Turnbull, discover caricature drawing, experience a Japanese drummer performance from Taiko On and taste crêpes.

Thank you to our Language teachers, especially Madame Pett, for organising the week and planning an exciting schedule of activities.

Brad Gill
Head of Middle School