When learning transcends the classroom

Year 3 community actions initiative

Using International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) inquiry model, we strive to create empowered learners who can utilise their knowledge in their local and global communities.

Following the Year 3 unit of inquiry, 'Where We Are in Time and Place', our students have conducted a community actions initiative. Students worked in groups to design, research and execute a form of action that would benefit a local community group.

Whilst the actions and charities chosen were varied, each student worked with their family, neighbourhood and the wider community to create a positive outcome.

With the help of his parents, Lachlan Alder placed an advertisement on a community social media group calling for donations of towels and blankets for Shenton Dogs Refuge and received an overwhelming response.

Oscar Bolton and his family encouraged their friends, family and neighbours to donate books for Save the Children's annual book sale.

Neo Pentony and his family are organising an obstacle course race for dogs in their neighbourhood to raise funds for the Dogs Refuge Home in Shenton Park.

These are examples of how our boys have taken a school initiative beyond the classroom. On their own accord, they've promoted worthy causes through considered service and action.

Other groups opted to raise awareness about the turtles of Lake Claremont and responsible dog ownership, supporting the work undertaken by the Friends of Lake Claremont and Dogs Refuge Home respectively.

Our school community has responded generously, donating pool noodles, quality dog and cat food, dog and cat toys, art supplies, clothes and sunscreen among other things. The boys have been humbled by the positive response to their heartfelt and persuasive requests. 

Whilst completing this unit of inquiry, our students discovered that what they learn within the classroom can be utilised to positively impact others in their local communities.

Throughout this experience, we've explored the roles and responsibilities within community groups, research skills, persuasive writing skills and poster design. This unit allowed us to develop essential soft skills, such as the ability to collaborate, communicate and self-manage within a group setting.

Thank you to everyone who donated items and spread the word about our students' wonderful community initiatives.

Well done Year 3s!

Nina Eleftheriou and Alison Webster
Year 3 Teachers