Happy Mother's Day

In celebration of Mother's Day, our Junior School hosted a delightful breakfast with mothers in our community.

Together we acknowledged the wonderful role mothers fulfil for their children. Always with love and patience and often whilst sacrificing their wants and needs.

The job of motherhood is an incredible gift. It can be exhausting, relentless, full of raw emotion and struggles. However, it is the most gratifying and joyous pleasure that we as mums have, and we'd never want it any other way.

As mums, we are advisors, counsellors, chefs, cleaners, disciplinarians, cheerleaders, life coaches, therapists, mediators, friends and heroes (or villains, depending on when you ask). Yet, there is no manual or right or wrong way. Luckily, our children turn out alright despite our mistakes!

Mr Jon Marginis and Mrs Kim Lorimer, our Junior and Middle School Psychologists, addressed our mums and gave some helpful tips for raising boys. Mr Hindle also provided some ideas on activities children could share with their mums. Most of all, the children enjoyed spending quality time with their mums.

Gathering as a community, we reminded our Junior School mums of how appreciated and irreplaceable they are.

Happy Mother's Day!

Maria Hodges
Head of Junior School