Scotch asks: our Admissions Officer

Meet our newest member of the Admissions team, Sarah Sekulov.

Hailing from Middle School, Sarah is our Admissions Officer and an English Teacher at the College. She's trained in Kindergarten to Year 7 and offers a great insight into kids' educational and wellbeing needs for Junior and Middle School families.

Not to mention, she's also a mum of three with her son Cooper in Year 7 at Scotch.

Tell us about yourself. 

I am a trained Kindergarten to Year 7 teacher who has been working in schools since 2002. I actually commenced my teaching journey at Scotch as the Year 1 teacher back in 2002! I'm currently enjoying combining the roles of working in Admissions and teaching English in Middle School.

I'm also a mum to my three active and beautiful children. Like most parents, I fulfill a role as their unpaid Uber driver on the weekends…

How long have you been at Scotch and in what roles?

I have a long association with both Scotch and our sister school Presbyterian Ladies' College. After starting my teaching career at Scotch in 2002, I worked here until 2010. In that time, I taught Year 1, Year 5 and was the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme Coordinator.

After taking maternity leave, I worked in a variety of roles in a part-time capacity across PLC, including Education Support, Teacher Librarian and Information and Learning Technology Early Years Integrator.

You've got three kids, with your son at Scotch. What do you look for in a school?

Breadth of experience, knowing and engaging with individuals, and being at a school that fosters positive relationships and a strong sense of connections amongst peers, staff and the community. We are so pleased to have found two wonderful schools [Scotch and PLC] that offer these values that are so important to us.

You're also a teacher. What kind of insight does this offer for your role in Admissions?

As a teacher, I can share my experience and knowledge of teaching and learning, particularly in Junior School and Middle School. I understand, and am actively involved in, the day-to-day operations of a classroom and preparation and programme delivery, both academic and co-curricular, that are on offer.

I'm hopeful that this insight is helpful to the families we meet in Admissions.

What do you find is most important to parents looking for a school?

Parents are looking for the best for their children and want to ensure that schools can cater to their needs. These needs may be pastoral, academic, social or a combination of all.

Parents want to know how we can cater for their children in order to support them to be the very best that they can be!

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